Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The next wave....

I don't know how I ended up on some of these manly blogs, but I have to tell you- I am afraid.

I won't put their sites on my blog. I could not subject anyone that may read this to their sensibilities.

Having spent a few good years with a few good men in the Marine Corps and a lot of years with the fire department, I am not unfamiliar with the frat boy mentality. I always believed, affectionately, that underneath all the bluster lies a decent human being.

The blogs that I've been reading tout the counter to the metrosexual of the 90's and frankly, WTF? Did getting in touch with their feminine side, so freak these boys out that there is a need to lash out with all this gratuitous misogyny? Did being PC really bring out all this nastiness?

I am all for letting boys be boys, but why does it mean they have to be so, well, mean? When did being tough become synonymous with being an asshole?

This supposed fratire makes me sad for my sons.