Monday, December 1, 2008

In the spirit of anonymity

I started this blog in order to complain about my life in relative anonymity.

In other words, I didn't want anyone I know what a whiner I am.

Essentially, my life is fabulous. I only blog when I wear out my husband's and friend's ears with my drama. So, I feel a bit embarassed when I comment on my friends' blogs and they figure out that the unkept mom of 3 is me.

Yes, I do have a tendency to judge and give you fabulous girls the "get over yourselves" pep talk, so I know you are all relishing the fact that you've discovered that I am more of a whiner than the rest of you.

But have mercy.

My only vice are my martinis. I'm not on anti-depressants....yet. I don't beat my kids....that often and I am a very loyal most of you.

Thanks for sharing your time and jibes. It's been fun.

1 comment:

A-6Dude said...

I know who you are! Thanks for the Martini recipe. I need to get back into blogging again. Maybe I should make mine a personal bitch session too.