Sunday, October 7, 2007

I am soooo married

My husband and I have been watching Top Chef Season 3 because his cousin's good friend is a contestant. I'm not big on reality shows because...really? how interesting can a bunch of bickering back stabbing drunken fools be the gazillionth time around.

Top Chef, affectionately known to those in the know, TC, is different. At least this season is. It was fun watching them cook and interact and be judged by some of the best in the field. Of which, I have no clue. After about the middle of catching up on the re-runs to bring me up to speed, I suddenly develop an interest for the heaad judge, Tom Colicchio. Who is he? Why is he the expert? And how are is eyes so blue?

I figure once contestant cutie pie Brian got booted off the show I'd be done with it. He gets to the last round before the finale. So, now I'm kinda hooked...and not just because it's a good show. Methinks I've got a bit of a crush on Chef Tom! *blush*

I am explaining this to my sister-in-law and I am expounding on his attributes and why this all appeals to me, when I suddenly realize....these are the reasons I was attracted to my husband.


You'd think once I develop a crush on a celebrity he'd be different than what I have at home, so I can live a fanatsy life separate from my own.....

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