Thursday, November 8, 2007


I started this blog during my drug induced haze as I was recovering from knee surgery. I hadn't any intention of seriously, putting it out in the world, simply because I didn't want to bore anyone to death.

Now I am a member of Work It, Mom and keep posting my blog address like I'm so proud of what I've had to say. Great, so what's the big deal you ask? Being a little insecure as to my ability to put words together in order to make my interesting life, sound well....interesting, I'm a little worried about coming across as a complete idiot.

So. Now. What?

What's the problem now? I recently, as in 5 minutes ago, invited a writer whose works I really enjoyed, to my network. She wrote me back saying that she's going to read my blog...!!!!!!! NO!

So, as I'm struggling to not burn my dinner as I think of something interesting to say....all I have is this. Sorry, I'm so lame. that I've got that out of the way. I've got to run....the chicken's burning.

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