Friday, September 14, 2007

So it begins...

I am not organized, witty, or interesting. I just enjoy seeing my thoughts in writing. Yes, this is about me. and my fabulous family.

I just had knee surgery and am laid up for the next 3 days. It was a simple procedure, so I'm hoping to get my fat ass out of bed soon....the advantage is I get to laze around....well, hold that kids are invading.....

I'm not sure I'll be able to keep posting once my knee is better, but whatever.

My first born just started kindergarten last week and I am now able to sift through the mounds of information that the school has sent home. The note that I HAVE to comment on is from the principal about the next morning meeting. One of the topics to be discussed pertains to the elaborate morning student drop off routine. In particular, how Hummers and similiarly sized vehicles affect this routine.

I am sick of having to spend my minimal amount of free time on developing policies to help people not have to think or be responsible for themselves. A letter from a parent expressed a desire to develop a policy to have large vehicles park along the street instead of being able to use the drop off lanes and/or parking lots to bring their children to school.

The necessity stems from the fact that this parent was nearly hit by another car exiting the area because there was a Hummer "in the way". Seriously, about people learning how to drive on streets, alleyways, parking lots, etc. that have various sized vehicles on them? When I pull up along side a large vehicle with my little car, I am cautious as I ease out into traffic lanes assuming that other vehicles may not see me(thinking). When I am driving my big ass car I look to see that the area is clear of big and small cars(taking responsibility). How hard is that? Are we really a community that needs to make a policy every time we have come across a situation?

My pain meds are starting to wear off.

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