Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who's doing the thinking around here?

I've completely lost touch with my pre-kid self. I thought I'd be the kind of person that could still be a great friend to all my old pals, just with a few more people in tow. Right? Talk about delusional!

My dear friend is getting married in November and she asked that my daughter and older son be a part of wedding party. My little princess is one month shy of her 6th birthday and my little tank is truly 4......stop laughing.

What was I thinking? First of all, their only exposure to her after they were born was at their baptisms and a couple of birthday parties. Although, they are veterans at this since they were "officially" a part of 2 weddings. So, my vision of it is that the princess gets another fabulous dress to add to her collection and my little tank can actually fit into the rented tux! I couldn't wait to take pictures!! I had already mentally written off being able to enjoy the wedding, since (1) my kids would demand 1000% of my attention, (2) the wedding is an hour and half drive (without traffic) away, so...no pomegranate martinis for me! Did I mention that her wedding is scheduled to take place during their nap time?

This is my brain on kids.....Of course, I'm sure my friend has a vision of her wedding day that consists of my beautiful children being able to walk down the aisle and hit their cues with just one rehearsal. Me, being her swilling buddy from days past, would be able to give an amazing drunken speech telling the story of us dancing on the bar at Red Rock West in NYC. Why shouldn't she? She doesn't have kids!

I feel like I did her a great disservice by agreeing to this. I don't know what possessed me to assume that she understood that the kids may decide that they don't want to walk down the aisle in front of a bunch of strangers and stand at the alter for the ceremony, but would much rather splash around in the holy water or try to blow out the pretty candles.

Seriously, what am I going to do now? This is her big day. I feel like a schmo for not just saying "no".

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