Sunday, September 23, 2007

To blog or not to blog....

I am so new to this genre, that I had to go to the urbandictionary to find out the definition of 'blog'. Yes, I am truly lame.

I had been enjoying my time off and browsing all the web had to offer and I truly enjoyed discovering the 'mom blogs'. It was great to connect with other moms going through the same kind of emotional and physical process of having kids.

Let's face it. As moms we don't have the time or energy to cultivate the positive and supportive relationships that we need to maintain our sanity. I know for me, when our first child was born, I felt isolated, overwhelmed and clueless. We moved to a 'better' neighborhood, so I didn't know a soul. My social interaction was restricted to the local market ( I am grateful to them to this day!).

I know this is not particular to new moms. Our lives are moving at a record pace, so if you aren't lucky enough to have maintained a social circle that has grown and changed with you, you are lonely. The internet has allowed us to connect with people we would have not likely have met, let a lone liked. Being a little judgemental myself, I know there are people that I would have missed getting to know had I met them under more conventional settings.

So, what was my point? When I mentioned to a friend and my sister-in-law that I discovered the blogs, I was surprised by their reaction. I got the impression I was no longer considered 'cool'. Whatever. This drove me to seek out the urbandictionary. The definitions I found there were none too flattering. It gave me pause.

I continued to read the blogs I had discovered and found that it was still fun to read. I find them to be reassuring and entertaining. So, thank you to those that continue to put your thoughts out there. To those that find them to be the ramblings of the narcissistic, f-off!


Kathy Howe said...

To me reading a blog is no different than reading the biography of an everyday person. Some of them are mind-numbingly (is that a word?) dull and some are painful train wrecks. Most though, are an interesting way to connect with like-minded people. It is nice to read a blog on a topic and have a great outloud burst of laughter or a moment that makes you realize you are not alone in something. We all have a story and isn't it our right to be able to share it, learn from it and form new relationships because of it?

Kate said...

i too just started blogging. for real anyway - failed attempts over the last couple of years out of fear. no sense in having a blog if you dont let anyone READ it!

so if you like, i would like to add your blog to my blog links and feel free to do the same. maybe we will get more comments together? :)